Шпаргалка по стилистике английского языка

Шпаргалка по стилистике английского языка

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Шпоры по стилистике английского языка

The subject of stylistics,other disciplines.
The notion of a functional style.
Classification of functional style.
The notion of an idiolect, an individual style, registers of speech.
Stylistic differentiation of the English voc.
The notion of a term , its characteristics and stylistic functions,scientific prose.
The newspaper style, its varieties, its distinction from the publicistic style.
The style of official documents.
Main peculiarities of the publicistic style.
Peculiarities of belle-lettres style, .
Archaisms and their stylistic functions.
Peculiarities of poetic and highly literary words.
Differences between foreign words and barb.
Main characteristics of slang.
Professional and social jargonisms.
Place and role of dialectal words.
Literary coinages and neologisms.
Lexical meanings of a word.
Phonetic expressive means and SD.
Graphical stylistic means, graphons.
The notion of a metaphor, .
Oxymoron and its types.
Antonomasia and its kinds.
Metonymy and varieties.
Stylistic usage of polysemy.pun and zeugma.
Epithets and their varieties.
Simile, its difference from a traditional comparison.
Overstatement and understatement.
Periphrasis and its kinds. Euphemistic periphrasis.
Types of lexical repetitions.
Types of syntactic repetitions.
Syntactic stylistic devices based on parallelism.
Stylistic devices based on juxtaposition.
Stylistic usage of proverbs, sayings, allusions, citations.
Stylistic peculiarities of oral speech, syntactical SD.
Stylistic use of interrogative and negative constructions.
SD based on special arrangement of the parts of an utterance.
Stylistics of the author and of the reader,encoding and decoding.
Main concepts of decoding stylistic analysis and types of foregrounding.
The notions of convergence, and defeated expectancy.
The notions of coupling, semantic field , semi-marked structures.


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